CCPS Responds to Tragedy

CCPS Responds to Tragedy
Posted on 02/15/2022
Carteret Strong
 The Carteret County Public School System was saddened by the confirmation from the Carteret County Sheriff’s office this afternoon of the tragedy that has deeply affected several schools in our system. According to official reports, on Sunday afternoon, a private plane crashed near Drum Inlet, NC, and there were no survivors. Several people with ties to Down East Schools, including students, were on board the plane. It has been confirmed that four students from East Carteret High School are among those who passed away in the crash. 
School counselors, school psychologists, and school crisis team members have responded from across the school system to serve and support the students, staff, and families in the impacted schools. These counselors and crisis team members have been on the campus at East Carteret High School supporting students and staff since Monday morning and will remain as long as additional support is needed. Additional counselors have been present and available in the impacted schools Down East. 
The Carteret County Public System continues to express its deepest concern, support and sympathy for those involved and affected by this tragic event. 
For our Parents and Community,
It is expected that students and staff will react in different ways to these types of tragic events. Therefore, we should expect, try to understand, and accept a variety of emotions and behaviors. The most important thing we can do is to be supportive and encourage discussion about the event and attend to the feelings that arise. School crisis personnel will continue to be available to students or staff members who need special attention and  support. We will try to maintain  as normal a routine and structure as the situation allows, and we encourage you to do the same. 
If you have any questions or needs, please contact us by calling the school office or communicating with your child’s teacher. We will keep you informed of any information that may be of help to you and your child. We know that you will join us in our concern, support and sympathy for those involved and affected by this tragic event. We appreciate your support and your invaluable partnership with Carteret County Public Schools