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Welcome! We are happy you are interested in our school system. Carteret County Public School District is committed to creating inclusive school settings for all students. It is expected in most instances that a student with disabilities can be educated in the school he/she would attend if not disabled, and in a general education classroom at least part of the day, with appropriate modifications and accommodations. When it is determined that a student's needs cannot be met in his/her home school and a more restrictive environment is necessary, Carteret County School System does have a continuum of services to meet those significant needs.

Please click the link below for more information about enrolling your child.

How to Enroll your Child


To make it easier for students and families to access the internet, the district is offering free internet access via WiFi at eight school parking lots across Carteret County.
These sites include:
Atlantic Elementary
Beaufort Elementary
Broad Creek Middle
Down East Middle/Smyrna Elementary
Harkers Island Elementary
Newport Middle
West Carteret High
White Oak Elementary

Simply connect to the username "Carteret-Outdoor" from the schools' parking lots. There is no password.