CIPA Resources

Carteret County Schools receives funding through the FCC's Federal eRate program. A provision of the funding requires schools and libraries to certify that they are in compliance with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA). One of the requirements for compliance with CIPA is education regarding appropriate online behavior. Carteret County Schools students will be educated through the use of Common Sense Media's Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum. The curriculum involves a 45 minute lesson to be taught each year (2 lessons during the middle grades years) on a range of topics such as: cyberbullying, appropriate online behavior, and safety/privacy. These discussions should be ongoing throughout the year across all classes, and discussions specific to the technologies to be utilized are strongly encouraged. Lesson resources for teachers are available below:

K - Going Places Safely (PDF)

1 - Sending Email (PDF)

2 - Showing Respect Online (PDF)

3 - Follow the Digital Trail (PDF)

4 - The Power of Words (PDF)

5 - Talking Safely Online (PDF)

6 - Safe Online Talk (PDF) and Strong Passwords (PDF)

7 - Trillion Dollar Footprint (PDF) and Cyberbullying: Crossing the Line (PDF)

8 - Which Me Should I Be? (PDF) and Cyberbullying: Be Upstanding (PDF)

9 - Private Today, Public Tomorrow (PDF)

10 - Risky Online Relationships (PDF)

11 - College Bound (PDF)

12 - Taking Perspectives on Cyberbullying (PDF)