Exceptional Children

Mission Statement

To graduate students prepared to be productive citizens.

Our Vision and Commitment to You: to ensure every student is provided with an individualized set of supports and services to graduate and become successful adults engaged in the community.

Special Education is a service, not a place.

Exceptional Children



Annual Notification

CCPS Employees of the Year from the EC Department



Administration and Office Staff


Kim Sarver, Director of EC and Related Services


Phone:252-728-4583, ext. 160147


Crystal Burke, EC Assistant Director

& Section 504 Coordinator


Phone: 252-728-4583, ext. 160146


Tammy Knudsen, EC Data Manager/Assistive Technology Assistant/Medicaid


Phone: 252-728-4583, ext. 160136


Joanie Brand Hudson, EC Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper


Phone: 252-728-4583, ext. 160132


The Exceptional Children Department is located at the Central Services office and is open from 7:30 until 5:00.