Carteret County Public Schools Receives $1.93 Million in Needs-Based School Construction Grant

Carteret County Public Schools Receives $1.93 Million in Needs-Based School Construction Grant
Carteret County Public Schools Receives $1.93 Million in Needs-Based School Construction Grant

BEAUFORT, N.C. -- The Carteret County Public School System was recently awarded $1.93 million in state funding from nearly $400 Million awarded to schools across the state in needs-based school construction grants. Dr. Rob Jackson, Superintendent, and Mr. Richie Paylor, Assistant Superintendent of Carteret County Public Schools attended a reception in Raleigh on May 12, 2022, where grant recipients from across the state were honored.

According to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, over the last five years, the Needs Based Public School Capital Fund has awarded a total of $739 million dollars to local school districts, providing funding for 60 new K-12 construction projects, including 33 new schools, eight new buildings, and the replacement of 44 existing schools.

Dr. Jackson said, “Carteret County Public Schools is incredibly grateful to receive additional funding from the 2021-22 Needs-Based Public School Capital Fund. This funding will greatly assist with the escalated cost of construction. As we move forward with these important projects in service to our students, teachers, and community, we do so with great appreciation for all who have made this possible.”

NCDPI confirms that in all, districts in 28 counties are benefiting from this year’s round of needs-based grants, with 42 individual projects that include new schools, improvements such as roof replacements, renovations, and new classroom additions. Thirteen of the 28 districts had previously been awarded needs-based grants, but construction of the funded projects had not been started.

CCPS is one of the districts that has been awarded needs-based school construction prior grant monies in the amount of $10 million in addition to the most recent $1.93 million. Specific projects earmarked by Carteret County Public Schools, included in prior grant funding and the most recent additional funding are:
● West Carteret High School Classrooms, Band Room, & Gymnasium, awarded $592,314 ($3,116,000, prior year grant award)
● Croatan High School Classrooms & Gymnasium, awarded $222,932 ($3,054,000 prior year grant award)
● White Oak Elementary School Gymnasium, awarded $439,091 ($857,000 prior year grant award)
● Broad Creek Middle School Classrooms, awarded $627,398 ($1,537,000 prior year grant award)
● East Carteret High School Gymnasium, awarded $47,259 ($1,436,000 prior year grant award)

State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Ms. Catherine Truitt said the needs-based grants are a key support for districts where local tax resources fall short of needs for modernizing or replacing aging school facilities.

“Just as all students in North Carolina need an excellent teacher in every classroom,” she said, “students and teachers need high quality schools in good repair that help support learning. These needs-based grants are an important boost for many districts and communities – and most importantly, their students.”

Districts awarded grants for 2021-22 include :
Alexander County Schools: $1.35 million
Anson County Schools: $9 million
Ashe County Schools: $17 million
Bladen County Schools: $17 million
Camden County Schools: $27.7 million
Carteret County Public Schools: $1.93 million
Newton-Conover City Schools (Catawba County): $22 million
Edenton-Chowan Schools (Chowan County): $25 million
Clay County Schools: $32 million
Cleveland County Schools: $7.8 million
Gates County Schools: $1.78 million
Halifax County Schools: $31.27 million
Hoke County Schools: $30 million
Mooresville Graded School District (Iredell County): $616,000
Mitchell County Schools: $17 million
Montgomery County Schools: $2.65 million
Northampton County Schools: $40 million
Polk County Schools: $1.3 million
Public Schools of Robeson County: $25 million
Clinton City Schools (Sampson County): $899,000
Scotland County Schools: $1.1 million
Mount Airy City Schools (Surry County): $1.75 million
Tyrrell County Schools: $514,000
Warren County Schools: $24 million
Washington County Schools: $40 million
Wayne County Public Schools: $9 million
Yadkin County Schools: $1.44 million
Yancey County Schools: $6.69 million