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Carteret County Board of Education members changed Policy 5210 - Distribution and Display of Non-School Materials and implemented Regulation 5210-R in order to allow non-profit groups to distribute approved flyers in elementary and middle schools. That policy and regulation are now in place and are linked to the right.

The regulation outlines the procedure for a non-profit group to follow for a flyer to be considered. The regulation also contains a schedule. The deadline for submissions will not be extended for any reason, so please plan ahead and submit requests prior to the submission deadline stated.

Once the non-profit group is notified of approval, the contact person will need to arrange to have copies made of the flyer and bundled (25 per bundle) based on the student numbers listed to the right. The contact person will then need to have those bundles delivered to the school office by the delivery date specified in the regulation.

It is the Board of Education's hope that this regulation will allow approved flyers to get into the hands of all students and, therefore, increase participation in opportunities offered to our county's young people.

If you have questions, please email Jennifer Perryman, Chief Communications Officer at  [email protected] or call 252-728-4583, ext. 160137.



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