Curriculum & Instruction

Curriculum and Instruction Team Members

Name/Position: Areas of Supervision:

Jody McClenny 252.728.4583 ext. 160166

Chief Academic Officer

[email protected]

Crystal Bailey 252.728.4583 ext. 160115

Director of Testing & Accountability

[email protected]

Student Accountability

NC Drivers Eligibility


Heather Boston 252.728.4583 ext. 160135

AIG & MTSS Coordinator

[email protected]


Academically or Intellectually Gifted


Crystal Burke 252.728.4583 ext. 160146

Assistant Director of Exceptional Children

[email protected]

Exceptional Children


Allison Dees 252.728.4583 ext. 160162

Director of Career & Technical Education

[email protected]

Career and Technical Education

Career and College Promise

Craig Everett 252.728.4583 ext. 160152

Director of Arts Education

[email protected]

Arts Education

Kimberly Hughes  252.223.4574

Director of Pre-Kindergarten

[email protected]

Pre-Kindergarten Program

Kim Krohn 252.728.4583 ext. 160163

Director of Student Support Services

[email protected]

Counselors, Social Workers, Behavior Specialists, Nurses

School Health Advisory Council

 Dr. Anna Brooks 252.728.4583 ext. 160141

Director of Elementary Education and Federal Programs

[email protected]

k - 5 Math, English, Science, Social Studies

English as a Second Language

Title I Director

Jessica Emory 252.728.4583 ext. 160112

Director of Secondary Education

[email protected]             

6 - 12 Math, English, Science, Social Studies

Healthful Living

Mike McKay 252.728.4583 ext. 160160

Chief Technology Officer

[email protected]

Instructional Technology

Technical Support Services

School Media & Library Programs

NC Virtual Public School

Dr. Anita Boyd 252.728.4583 ext. 160147

Director of Exceptional Children & Related Services

[email protected]

Exceptional Children

Related Services

Teresa Chadwick 252.728.4583 ext. 160000

Curriculum & Instruction Administrative Assistant

[email protected]