Academically & Intellectually Gifted

Welcome to Carteret County School's AIG Parent Program information.  For detailed information regarding our program please visit this link

Our school system prides itself on strong academic and whole child programming.  This is carried into our AIG program.  Specialists focus on both the academic challenge AIG students need and support for the social-emotional needs of gifted students.  Each specialist serves two or more schools within the county.  If you would like to reach out to the specialist assigned to your school, please see the list below.

We are excited to announce the approval of our 2022-2025 AIG Plan.  This plan defines the identification and services for AIG students in our county.  You may find a copy of the plan HERE.   Our plan states that any student, staff, or parent can refer a student to the AIG Committee.   A referral can be completed by clicking this Referral Link.

Thank you,

Heather Boston, M.Ed., Ed.S. 

Director of MTSS and AIG


Christopher Scot-NMS/MCMS [email protected]

Tammy Scot-BCMS/MCPS [email protected]

Melodie Willis-BMS/CHS/ECHS/WCHS/MaST [email protected]

Marie Foxworth-BSES/WOES [email protected]

Margaret Fulford-AES/HIES/SES/DEMS/BES [email protected]

Krystyna Castro-MES/NES [email protected]