Facility Support Operations

The Carteret County Public School System's Facility Support Operations consists of both Maintenance Services and Warehouse & Delivery Services which are housed together in the former Queen St. School building in Beaufort.

The Maintenance and Warehouse & Delivery Services teams are under the supervision of the Director of Facility Support Operations - Kenny Pedersen.

Maintenance technicians are responsible for the upkeep and repair of all school system facilities and equipment.

The Warehouse & Delivery Services team maintains the inventory of supplies and equipment necessary for the maintenance of school system facilities and for the custodial operations at all facilities. They also deliver supplies throughout the school system and handle all of the school system's surplus property.

Carteret County Public School System
Facility Support Operations

601 Mulberry St.
Beaufort, NC 28516
Maint :(252) 728-6115 Maint. Fax:(252) 728-3614
Whse :(252) 728- 5115 Whse Fax: (252) 728-7979
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Facility Support Operations - Key Personnel

Phone: 252-728-6115 Fax 252-728-3614
Pedersen, Kenny Director of Facility Support Operations
Thomas, Willa Administrative Assistant
Warehouse & Delivery Operations
Phone: 252-728-5115 Fax 252-728-7979
Thompson,Thidavanh Warehouse Cost Clerk