Activity Descriptions

Professional Learning

Professional learning is an intensive and collaborative means of learning to earn or incorporatively maintain professional credentials such as academic degrees to formal coursework, conferences, and informal learning opportunities situated in practice.  Carteret County Public Schools is dedicated to providing effective, appropriate, and engaging professional learning for our educators. 

There are four types of professional learning opportunities:

School Activities - facilitated by a school employee or designee - participation required by the school supervisor - located at the school (e.g., School Grade Level Data Day,  Faculty Meeting, School Book Study, PLCS)

District Activities - facilitated by a district employee or designee - participation required/requested by the district - located “in the county” (e.g., District Initiative Event)

Out-of-District Activities - participation required/requested “out of county” professional learning (e.g., NCDPI sponsored event/conference)

Independent Learning Activity - participation not required or employee selected professional learning (e.g., college course work, NCCAT course, NCEES course).  If you select an activity that is online that is not offered by NCDPI, NCEES, NCCAT, The Friday Institute - you MUST get prior approval from Human Resources.  EdWeb is not a CCPS approved online learning platform.   For the 22-23 school year as we tranisitoned from COVID protocols to full operating status, CCPS will only grant CEUS up to 0.5 (5 hours) for EdWeb events.  As we move forward with the 23-24 school year, EdWeb will no longer be an approved provider of Professional Learning. 

Professional learning activities can be in person, online, or recorded events that exceed 30 minutes in length.  

Prior approval is necessary for all activities to comply with state regulations, which require an LEA to determine the appropriateness of awarding renewal credit for a specific activity in advance.

Prior approvals help avoid misunderstandings regarding qualifying activities and reduce the possibility of an employee paying to enroll in an activity for which renewal credit will not be awarded. 

You should submit CEU paperwork to HR as soon as possible after training has ended.  All CEUS awarded should be awarded in the same school year as it was earned (July 2023-June 2024) for the 23-24 school year).  Please do not hold CEU paperwork as this may impact proper accuracy of your CEUs which impacts license renewal! 

For Questions:  Email Dr. Anna Brooks  252.728.4583 x 160141