School Reassignment Request

Out of Attendance Area Requests

We take great care in dealing with each request on an individual basis. To keep a class size balance across the county and to prevent overcrowding, there are some restrictions to certain schools. 

As in the past because of the potential of overcrowding, requests will not be approved for students to attend White Oak Elementary, Broad Creek Middle or Croatan High Schools who reside in other school attendance areas or counties.

 Additionally, requests will not be approved for students who live in the Down East area to attend a school other than the one in their attendance zone. This will help maintain class size balances. There are a few exceptions, such as the need for specific educational services. Additionally, children of Carteret County Public School System employees are allowed this benefit.

Request to Change of School Assignment:

All students who reside in Carteret County are automatically assigned to Carteret County Schools based on the school attendance area in which they reside. Requests for reassignment of students under the "hardship" provision must be made in writing to the principal of the school of assignment and must explain why the assignment to the school of the attendance area as a hardship on the student.

Approval is dependent upon several conditions as explained in Policy 4150, School Assignment. All transportation must be punctual to school; the student's attendance must adhere to the school's requirements; and the student must not have a disciplinary record.

The request for a change of school assignment is required each year. Complete the form linked below for consideration by both principals. The superintendent has final authority for approval or denial.
Request for Change of School Assignment Memo and Form

Request to Attend Carteret County Public Schools:

Parents/Guardians that do not live in Carteret County may request that their child attend Carteret County Public Schools. An application must be submitted to the Superintendent's office. Upon receipt of the form, the Superintendent shall make a determination according to the reasoning provided for the admission and pursuant to the guidelines in Policy 4130, Discretionary Admission. The district may charge tuition for those approved to attend a Carteret County Public School.

Request for Student to Attend CCPS Memo and Forms