Formative Assessments


Purpose of Back to School Resources:

  • To provide teachers with ready-made tools that can be used as needed.
  • To obtain formative data to help guide classroom instruction.

These resources align to part of the NC Standard Course of Study and were not developed to be diagnostic. Results are not be used for grade placement decisions; they are intended to be used to inform instruction.


Who? Grades 4-8, NC Math 1 and NC Math 2

What? Question sets will cover standards from previous grade (10-15 questions per content standard domain)

Where? In school or remote learning

When? Available ALL Year

How? Locally determined, teacher scored


Test Specifications: Mathematics Grades 3-8

Test Specifications: NC Math 1

Each NC Check-In Window is open approximately two months for administration and the student/teacher review period. All administrations and reviews must be completed by the close of the designated windows.

Administration Windows

Mathematics at Grades 3-8 NC Math 1 Year Long Course
NC Check-in 1 October 1 - November 29 NC Check-in 1 November 1 - December 20
NC Check-in 2 January 2 - February 28 NC Check-in 2 March 2 - April 30
NC Check-in 3 March 2 - April 30
NC Math 1 (Fall Semester) NC Math 1 (Spring Semester)
NC Check-in 1 September 10 - October 31 NC Check-in 1 February 1 - March 31
NC Check-in 2 Noveber 1 - December 20 NC Check-in 2 April 1 - May 29