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Closings & Delays

Closings & Delay Communication



We want to provide an update after meeting with our district-level leadership and principals today regarding semester completion and grading.  These are based on current guidance provided by the NC State Board of Education.    

There are guidelines for 9th through 11th-grade students and Seniors.  


9th-11th grade students:

  • Virtual instruction began Monday, March 30th for students and will continue through May 15th or when we return to school.

  • Teachers will be providing instruction, on-going communication, and meaningful feedback to students.

  • Students should work towards achieving mastery of concepts.

  • Grades will be assigned accordingly and will be posted weekly in the PowerSchool portal.


12th-grade students:

  • Seniors who were passing courses as of March 13, will receive a “pass” in PowerSchool.  We still encourage all seniors to continue working on classes and learning opportunities from teachers.  

  • Seniors not passing courses as of March 13, will have the opportunity to continue to work toward a passing grade through remote learning. 

  • Seniors will be required to meet 22 credits for graduation 

As we move forward, our priority is to provide equitable access for all students and to support our families through this new learning environment.  Students and parents should be expecting each class to be between 30-45 minutes including activities. Please reach out to your school if you have concerns.


Closing & Delay Communication

This web page will be updated in the event of inclement weather or other circumstances that result in the need to alter the regular school schedule. When school schedules are changed, the school system will use the SchoolMessenger rapid notification phone system to alert parents of those changes.  Also, information can be obtained by calling 252-728-4583; checking television stations Channel 12, 9 or 7; or tuning into radio stations 107.1FM, 103.3FM or 89.3FM.

IMPORTANT - Please Read:
Please recheck this page often - sometimes an existing decision is changed and that change will be posted here as soon as it is made. Make sure you click on your "Refresh" or "Reload" button EVERY TIME YOU VISIT THIS PAGE. If you don't you will not be viewing the most current message.

How Are Decisions To Alter The Regular School Day Made?
(A message from Interim Superintendent Richie Paylor)

The decision to alter the regular school schedule is a difficult one. However, weather conditions, power outages or other emergencies at times make it necessary to alter the schedule. I believe our students are better served - both academically and socially - by being in school. However, as always, my top priority and the Board of Education's top priority is the safety of our students and staff. The decision is made based on a careful analysis of all relevant factors such as: Information on road conditions received from transportation staff and law enforcement officers; Current weather, amount of ice/snow accumulation and predictions received from NOAA, Newport; Building conditions such as availability of electricity and heat; School parking lot conditions; and Temperature and wind chill.

As superintendent, I work with a team of school administrators to make the final decision, and we use the information provided from many sources to make that decision. We also often consult with the superintendents in surrounding counties. The decision to cancel or delay the opening of school is usually made by 5 a.m. Staff members are up most of the night collecting the data because it is important that the decision be made as accurately as possible and as early as possible because several of our school bus drivers began routes as early as 5:10 a.m. and some parents leave for work early.

Once the decision is made, it is announced to parents and staff members through the AlertNow automated calling system. Parents and staff members are reminded to make sure your school office has your latest contact numbers. You can also check this website; check the school system's facebook page; watch television stations Channel 12, 7 , 9 or News 14 and check their websites; or tune into local radio stations for information about school closings or delays.

Please keep in mind, if schools are open and conditions worsen during the day, we may need to have an early dismissal and we will strive to give adequate notice to parents.

Although our team does its absolute best in this process, we know that often no perfect decision exists. If you question whether it is safe for your child to attend school, use your best judgment on whether he or she should attend.  Also,  discourage teenagers from driving in bad or threatening conditions.

I hope this explanation helps everyone understand the process that we use to make the best possible decision for our students and our staff.

Thank you.

Richie Paylor, Interim Superintendent