NC District Report Cards

October 2011


Dear Carteret County Parent/Guardian,


The Carteret County Public School System is pleased to share with you the North Carolina Report Card, which provides important information about your student’s school and the entire school system. Federal No Child Left Behind legislation states that this data about their child’s school must be shared with parents.


The Report Card information is for the 2010-2011 school year. This report card includes important information about school and student performance, class sizes, attendance, school safety, school facilities, instructional resources and teacher quality. Also data about how schools measured against federal Adequate Yearly Progress targets are included in this report.  Report card data are available for each of the Carteret County public schools, for the school system and for the state’s education system as a whole. You can link to a letter from each school principal on the left side of this page.


The numbers contained in the Report Cards are important indicators of school quality. Another important component that makes up quality schools is the involvement of parents and community members. That is not a measured and reported score, but it is vital to the success of our students, staff and entire school system.


The complete North Carolina Report Card is available on the NC Report Card website at  The full report card for each Carteret County public school and for the system can be found at that same website. A two-page summary, called the Report Card Snapshot, is posted there as well.


In Carteret County, we want parents and community members to be informed about our school system’s progress and to be involved in our schools. Thank you for your interest in our schools and for supporting our efforts to provide the children of this county with a high quality education.



Dr. Dan Novey