Carteret County Schools provide services for children, ages 3-5 years, who need early intervention because they are experiencing significant developmental delays in one or more of the following areas of development: physical, cognitive, communication, social/emotional, and/or adaptive behavior.  Preschool children may be eligible for services under one of the following categories:  Autism, Deaf-Blind, Hearing Impairment, Developmentally Delayed/Atypical, Orthopedic Impairment, Other Health Impairment, Traumatic Brain Injured, or Visual Impairment.



Flow Chart for EC Preschool Referrals

Notification and Parental Consent Form for Physician Referrals

Notification and Parental Consent from Community Referrals

Preschool Developmental History



J Williams, Preschool Speech Pathologist/Coordinator

Sherrill Moraven,  Principal


Phone:  252-223-4574

Preschool Parent Resources

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